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photo of Grunch Road CD

12 Yats of Christmas, Ain't Dere No More and Ain't No Place to Pee t-shirts once again available!

Our music is also available for downloading!


Friday afternoon, April 12: "New Orleans French Quarter Festival". Here we go one more time.  This year we'll perform on the WWL "Esplanade In The Shade" stage, 12:30-1:40 PM.  That's located on the grounds of "The Old Louisiana Mint" 400 Esplanade Ave. - 70116.  Corner of Esplanade and Decatur.  Parking is not too bad in that area.  Lots of pay-parking-lots around the Elysian Fields Avenue corner.  We'll perform all our hits, and foolishment, and we'll have our CD's and autograph pencils ready.  We'll even let Kathy have a Magic Marker this time. Many Thanks Once Again to (our sponsor for this event) Johnny's PoBoys, 511 St. Louis St., Since 1950.

Saturday, April 6: "Private Party" by da' lake, 1:00 PM.
Monday, March 4 (Lundi Gras): "Speckledl T's" in Slidell at 158 South Military Rd., just off Gause Blvd. - 70461, 985-646-1728.
Great Steaks! Great Seafood! Great Fun! We play 6-9:00 PM.

Friday, February 22: Andrew Jaeger has a brand new place! Currently it's "Big Easy Sports Bar" (soon to be) "Eat & Drink On Citrus". On Fri, Feb.22 featuring Benny Grunch & The Bunch 8:00-11 PM. 5608 Citrus Blvd. (corner Edwards). Right across the street from the Coca Cola plant.

Sunday, Feb.10: Trinity Lutheran’s Annual “King Kake Kickoff” (in New Orleans’ historic Algiers Point). On the corner of 620 Eliza St. and Olivier. Lots’n lotsa’ king cake, & brats, & beer, & beverages. Right there in the church yard. All ya’lls are invited. 12 Noon-4 PM (This is a fun time; we do it every year.

Saturday, Jan.26: Celebration Party in Lakeview, "30 Year Anniversary of Fleur De Lis Tire & Auto"! Always featuring 100% alcohol-free gasoline, and on Saturday, Jan.26 also featuring "Benny Grunch & The Bunch" 12:00 Noon - 2:00 PM. We're gonna' perform all of our hits, live and in-person. We'll probably be the best band, that day, at any gas-station in Lakeview! We'll have our autograph Sharpies ready, we'll have our CD's and tee shirts ready, so be ready for a good time. Soft drinks and food provided by "Chap's Chicken" and "W.Harrison Market & Deli" and "The Backyard"; 11 AM-12 Noon "DJ John G"; then 12 Noon-2 PM "Benny Grunch & The Bunch". Located in Lakeview right on the corner of West Harrison Ave. and Fleur De Lis. Everybody is invited, even Metry people, to meet the boss C.Ray Bergeron and the crew.

Sunday, January 20: World famous "Rock'n Bowl". That's this Sunday! "Saints Pre-Game Play Off Pawty".Reserve a Table. Reserve a Lane. Watch the game on the biggest TV screen in town, plus multiple TV's. Bring your own party-food! Bring your own tailgate-food! Tailgate inside in the comfort of Mid-City Lanes Rock'Bowl!
Benny Grunch & The Bunch will perform live from 11 AM till Game Time. 3000 South Carrollton Ave. , 504-861-1700

Sunday (Night) Jan.6: Benny Grunch & The Bunch is proud to perform once again after the first official parade of The Carnival Season following the mighty ride of “The Twelfth Night Revelers” (Phunny Phorty Phellows). Catch them on their streetcar on this joyous night. We’ll join them later for a private performance.

Sunday (Morning) Jan.6: “The King Cake Hub Carnival Kick-Off” giant king cake party, on the front porch of The Mortuary (4800 Canal St.) featuring Twenty Eight (that’s 28!) varieties of King Cakes!! 8-10 AM.


Thursday (Night), Dec.27: Private dinner party overlooking the Mississippi River

Tuesday, Dec 25: Christmas Day, New Orleans World Famous Rock N Bowl, Annual Giant 12 Yats of Christmas Pawty!!! We start at 5 PM. We will perform all of our hits, big and little.  We will have our CD's, t-shirts and autograph pencils.  Cover charge: $3.00 at the door.  Little kids are free.  We are lookin' fa' all yalls at 3000 South Carrollton Avenue.

Monday, Dec 24: "Rouses World Wide Tour" continues @ Rouses Market, 2900 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA.  We perform live right there in the store, 2 PM till 4 PM.

Saturday, Dec 22: We gonna' pawty in River Ridge around 7:30 PM.

Saturday, Dec 22: "Rouses World Wide Tour" continues at the brand new Rouses Market, Hwy 1085, Covington, LA (across the street from Hannan High School).  We gonna' perform live right there in the store, 12 - 2 PM.

Friday, Dec 21: Harrah's New Orleans, "Miracle on Fulton Street", 7:00–9:30 PM.

Sunday, Dec 16: "Rouses World Wide Tour" continues @ the Rouses Market, 4500 Tchoupitoulas St near Napoleon Avenue. We are gonna' perform live right there in the store, 10 AM–12 Noon.

Saturday, December 15: Our regular, annual  holiday Christmas performance with our usual foolishment at Gattuso's Neighborhood Bar, Restaurant, Catering, famous for New Orleans food, 435 Huey P Long Avenue, Gretna, LA, corner of 5th Street, Historic Old Town Gretna. Wear your best yats Christmas clothes.  We perform 7:00 PM till 10:00 PM. All yalls are invited.

Saturday, Dec 15: "Rouses World Wide Tour" continues @ Rouses Market, 400 N Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA.  We are gonna' perform live right there in the store 12 Noon - 2 PM.

Wednesday, Dec 12: Annual Holiday Performance at the "Harrison Marketplace/Holidays on Harrison".  (Right across the parking lot of Lakeview Grocery).  Thank you, Allison and all our merchants and vendors.  We go on at 5 PM till 8:30 PM.  We'll have our merchandise to sell and sign.

Saturday, Dec 8: "Rouses World Wide Tour" continues @ Rouses Market, 91 Westbank Expressway, Gretna, LA.  We are gonna' perform live right there in the store 12 Noon till 2 PM.

Wednesday, November 28: Speckled T's, 158 S. Military Road, Slidell, LA 70461. Famous seafood, steaks and entertainment.  We perform from 7:00 PM till 10:00pm, Speckled T's After Dark.

Thursday, November 15: New Orleans City Park, Pavilion of Two Sisters Twilight Thursdays.  Doors open at 5:00 PM. We start at 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM.  Don't wait. Tickets go fast.  We have a surprise for you guys.  We are going to do a really good oldie by Mickey and Sylvia.

Sunday, October 7: The Metairie Muffuletta Festival. In Beautiful "Old Metry" Just 3 blocks off Metairie Rd. in the 500 block of Frisco St. (near Nor-Joe Italian food Imports) Bands all day. We perform 5:30 - till 7:30 PM. We'll have tee shirts and CD's to autograph.

Friday afternoon, April 13:"New Orleans French Quarter Festival". Here we go one more time. This year we'll perform on the "Esplanade In The Shade" Stage', 12:30-1:30 PM. That's located on the grounds of "The Old Louisiana Mint" (400 Esplanade Ave. - 70116).  Corner of Esplanade & Decatur. Parking's not too bad in that area. Lots of pay-parking-lots around the Elysian Fields Ave. corner. We'll perform all our hits, and foolishment, and we'll have our CD's and autograph-pencils ready. We'll even let Kathy have a Magic Marker (She's going thru safety-training-class, now.) Our Many-Many Thanks Once Again to Johnny's Po Boys, 511 St. Louis St., Since 1950.

Saturday, March 24: Boathouse Pawty out by Da' Pernt, 12:30 till 3:30

Saturday, Jan.27: "Lakeview Harbor-Bon Voyage Party". Yes! Sorry to break the news to all'yalls. Lakeview Harbor is closing. After 25 years of faithful service at 911 Harrison Ave. Thank you to all our customers from all over Lakeview, and really, from all over the world. Thank you all for 25 years of your patronage and friendship through hurricanes, floods, heat-waves, freezing cold, Saints games, street construction, power-outages, pot-holes, and the rare Harrison Ave. traffic jam. Our farewell party, entitled "Bon Voyage Lakeview Harbor" is Saturday, January 27. Benny Grunch & the Bunch will perform from 8-11 PM. Benny'n nem will play quietly so everyone can reminisce  (But of course, will get nuts soon as ya'll get nuts!) Everyone is invited...(Even you old-timers from the Velvet Swing). No cover - Just come on in!).

Friday, Jan.26: Uptown private party, 6-9 PM

Saturday, Jan.20: Did ya'lls go to "SLC" in Hammond? Where you there in 1964 and/or 1965? Did you come see Benny Grunch & The Bunch on Wednesday and Friday nights? Well Benny wants to here from you very soon. Very soon. Thanks, Benny Grunch. 504-231-8916 bennygrunch@bellsouth.net. 

Thurs, Jan.11, 2018: New "Humana Insurance" office, "Grand Opening" at 745 Veterans Blvd /corner Martin Behrman, Metairie-70005. This is the Wilshire shopping strip, same as Gordon's, Office Depot, Big Lots, and Fresh Market. I've visited this new office and it's already really busy with activities. Our time-slot is 1 till 2 PM

Saturday, Jan.6 - 2018: Kings Day at Pizza Nola. It's the annual Celebration of the Arrival of The First Batch of the "Dong Phuong King Cakes" at Pizza Nola,141  West Harrison Ave., in Lakeview. Celebration and Performance by Benny Grunch & The Bunch begins at 8:00 AM ! (That's MORNING ya'll)  Come early if ya wanna' be among the first to sample this years cakes  soon as they come out of the limousines. The party goes on till 10 AM.


Monday, Dec.25: Christmas Day, New Orleans World Famous "Rock'n Bowl". Annual Giant 12 Yats of Christmas Pawty!!! We start at 5 PM. We'll perform all of our big hits some of our big misses, our regular "foolishment", we'll have our CD's, and tees, and autograph pencils. Kids, Pawpaws, Mawmaws, Parents, even Uptown people are all OK. Cover Charge: 3 Dollars at the door. Yes! Three Dollars! Kids are free. We,re lookin' fa' all yalls at 3000 South Carrollton Avenue.

Friday, Dec.22: Harrah's New Orleans "Miracle On Fulton Street". We perform in The Gazebo around 7:PM'ish

Tue, Dec.19: Speckled-T's in Slidell, 158 S.Military Rd.,
6:30-9:30PM, 985-646-1728

Monday, Dec.18: Wes'Bank Pawty around Noon'ish

Saturday, Dec.16: Pawty' in Riva'Ridge, 7 PM

Friday, Dec.15: "Gattuso's Neighborhood Restaurant, Bar & Catering" (435 Huey P. Long Ave., In Historic Old Town Gretna), Annual "Benny Grunch & The Bunch" Christmas Pawty, 7:00 - 10:00 PM. Everybody's Invited (even if ya' ain't from the Best'Bank). Maw Maws, Grandchirruns, Paw-Paws, come on. We're ready fa' all yall's.

Thursday, Dec.14: Rouses Market (4500 Tchoupitoulas St., near Napoleon Ave.) 5:00-7:00 PM. That's right! Ya' heard right! We're gonna' set up our stuff and play Live/In Person inside the store...just as if we'd been there all along. We know yalls' got lotsa' class Uptown, so we're gonna' bring some real NuAwlins Cultcha'. Everybody's welcome...even if ya' live all-the-way down in da' Gawden District. It won't be loud or noisy; just good and fun. We'll play all our Christmas hits for all yall maw-maws, and paw-paws, and especially for little kids and big kids. Ain't gotta' buy nuttin! 504-896-7910

Saturday, Dec.16: Rouses (91 W.Bank Expy, Gretna) 12:Noon-2  PM. All the same fun as above, but you don't have to cross no Mississippi River. On accounta' we'll be right by ya' in the middle of Gretna, in the middle of the West Bank. 504-267-9090

Saturday, Dec.23: Rouses Market (2900 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie.) 12:Noon-2:PM.. You know...Metry! All the same foolishment, cept' in "Metry". And.... "It's the Day Before Right Before The Nite Before Christmas".. 504- 834-4151

Wednesday, Dec.13: Annual Holiday Performance at the "Harrison Ave. Market Place" (Right across the parking lot, of Lakeview Grocery). And "Thank You" to Allison and all of our local and neighborhood Merchants & Vendors for having this event go on these whole- buncha'-years. We go on 5 till 8:30PM. We'll have our stuff to sell and sign.

Wed, Dec. 13:  (taped earlier, last week)Benny is a guest on The Spud show. WLAE-TV, Ch-32 at 6 PM
(Replays Thu. @2 PM and Sat. @6 PM.)

Tue, Dec.12: WWL-TV (CBS affiliate) Ch-4, Benny & the whole Bunch perform on "The Morning Show with Eric and Sally Ann" at 8:00 AM.

Saturday(Night), Dec.9:New Orleans Lakefront Lighthouse!! "Lights At The Lake Holiday Bash"(Sponsored by Save Our Lake / Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation) at the New Orleans Lakefront Lighthouse, 8001 Lakeshore Dr., NOLA-70124. Festivities begin around 4 PM. New Orleans famous restaurants entrees
and craft beers available for sale. Two Gospel choirs. Boat Parade begins around 5:30 with local, and national small craft, sailing craft,large yachts, cabin cruisers, all types of vessels decorated in Holiday Lights (vote for your favorites)......then guess what!..... "BennyGrunch & The Bunch" perform Live/In Person at 6:30 PM. All of ourChristmas Hits, and fun stuff, "till we put this bash to bed". We'llhave our CD's, tee's, and autograph pens ready.

Fri, Dec.8: TV-Channel 12, Wyes. Benny is a guest on the "Steppin Out Show" with Peggy Scott Laborde at 7:30 PM
(Repeats at 11 PM).

Friday(Night), Nov.17: Private Pawty' at Metairie Country Club. Starts at 7'ish or 8'ish.

Thursday, Nov.16: New Orleans City Park "Twilight Thursdays" in The Pavilion Of Two Sisters, next to the Botanical Garden. Our performance is 6:00 until 8:00PM (doors open at 5:00) We'll cram all of our foolishment' and hits, and fun-stuff into this 2-hour show. Betta' getcha' tickets soon; this event fills up fast. Cocktails, Wine, Food, and Soft drinks. For Info: 504-483-9488, or garden.neworleanscitypark.com. We'll have our CD's and autograph pens with us.

Saturday, Nov.4: "Algiers Folk Art Festival" in Algiers Point... 1PM till 6PM'ish. This is a fun-family event, very local, that has been going on annually for a few years; located on the corner of Patterson and Leboeuf (just about 10 blocks east of the Algiers Ferry landing). We perform from about 4PM till 6PM'ish.

Friday, Oct.6 Ground Zero Hurricane Katrina Museum, 335 Coleman Ave. Waveland, MS. "Sock Hop" with "Benny Grunch & The Bunch" performing real New Orleans, and national sock-hop music (not just the oldies ya'll constantly hear in TV shows and movies). Free parking, Costume contest and Dance off. Also Includes a Gourmet Buffet by Chef John "Chappy" Chapman with an Open Bar - liquor & beer!  Buffet begins at 7:30 PM. Benny Grunch & The Bunch start at 8:PM. Cover of $39.95 includes everything.  And did we mention Open Bar! Click here for menu details.

This building (Waveland Public School) is the only building on Coleman Ave. to survive Hurricane Katrina. Actually it is the only public structure in town to survive the storm! This event to benefit the Ground Zero Museum.

......note from Benny, " we know there is a gigantic auto event up and down Hwy 90. This is a nice opportunity to dine and dance and listen to us perform all our hits live, before ya'lls cross the Bay Bridge."Tickets at the Rum Kitchen or call 228-467-9099.

Friday, September 29: Gretna Heritage Festival 8:30-10 PM on the "Gattuso's Stage" (435 Huey P. Long Ave. & 5th St-70053) in Historic Old Town Gretna. Gattuso's 504-368-1114.

Thursday, September 21: Private Party @ Harrah's New Orleans, 7:00-10:00 PM.

Saturday (evening) May 27: Private Pawty' in Old Metry.

Saturday, May 20: Roarin' 20's Party to benefit "The Southern Food & Beverage Museum", 1504 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. (formerly historic Dryades St.) Free Secured Parking about 3 blocks away with Free Shuttle to and from museum. We Perform 8-11 PM.  Open Bar - Passed Appetizers - Southern Themed Buffet - New York Style Deli Food.  Go to, Roarin20spartymay20.com for Admission and details. (VIP Admission with Private Bartenders available). Tickets available online at SOUTHERNFOOD.org. Tickets also available at Snap Fitness in Metairie and Kenner or at tootals.com

Saturday, April 8: "NOLA Rock The Cure" at NOLA Brewing 3001 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans-70115. Benefitting  "Louisiana Chapter of JDRF" (leading global organization focused on Type 1 Diabetes, www.jdrf.org/louisiana/). All ya'lls want Crawfish and Jambalaya and NOLA Brewery beer (suggested donation 40bucks). This is a minimum age 21 event. More Info call Alysia Evans 504-828-2873.

Thursday, April 6: Once again Benny Grunch & The Bunch is honored to perform at the 2017 New Orleans "French Quarter Festival". And, our Thanks, Again to our sponsor, "Johnny's PoBoys", (511 St. Louis St. since 1950). We perform 2:20-3:30PM on The "WWL-TV Jackson Square Stage". We'll also have our "12 Yats of Christmas" and "Grunch Road" CD's with us (and our autograph pens, warmed-up and ready).

Saturday, April 1: Everyone's invited to "Magnolia Fest" at Magnolia School, located on the beautiful corner of Central Ave. and River Rd. in Old Jefferson. Food, crafts, arts, vendors, and live music with "Benny Grunch & The Bunch" performing  1:00-4:00PM, on the huge campus front lawn. For more info: Magnolia Community Services for adults with developmental disabilities, 504-733-2874. 100 Central Ave (at Jefferson Hwy.)

Saturday, March 25: Private Party, 7PM.

Friday, March 17 (St. Patrick's Day): Fulco's Annual St. Patrick's Day Party, 1:PM-4:PM. A St.Paddy's tradition in Metry', (corner of Turnbull and Roman St.) at 519 N. Turnbull, Metairie, LA-70001. Plenty food and drinks. Outside on the patio (inside for bad weather). Everybody's invited...Every year.

Sunday, Feb.12: Very-historic Trinity Lutheran Church in very-historic Algiers Point, presents it's annual "King Cake Kick-Off", 11:AM-3:PM. We have played this event lotsa' times, and it's lotsa' fun; plenty beer, brats, burgers, hotdogs, and sides. We'll perform live in person on the patio church yard (in the church hall if the weatherman says so). But we'll play our "Nash Roberts Was Our Weatherman" first song (to make  sure). Everyone's invited. Kids are great. So are mawmaws, pawpaws, even those up-scale Eastbankers. 620 Eliza St. (corner Olivia) New Orleans, LA-70114. Yeah!..and king cake!

Mon, Jan.16: Private 'Pawty in da'middle of da'day.

Fri, Jan.6 (Offiial first night of Mardi Gras Season): Streetcar ride of the brave and phearless "Krewe of Phunny Phorty Phellows" opens Mardi Gras season. They ride their traditional streetcar route down the tracks of New Orleans. Private party to follow.

Fri(Morning), Jan.6: It's King's Day, the official "First-Day-Of-Mardi-Gras". We're performing live starting at 7:00AM at Pizza Nola (141 West Harrison Ave. NOLA-70124. This is the "Arrival Celebration of the Dong Phong King Cakes". The Cakes will arrive with limo and, motorcycle, and truck escort, and maybe more. Info, 504-872-0731.


photo of the band